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Flourish Collection: A Whimsical Tribute to the Goddess of Spring

If you're searching for a gemstone that embodies the rejuvenating power of spring, look no further than Zultanite.
In March of 2022, I launched the Persephone Collection, inspired by the Greek goddess of spring and nature which featured rare Zultanite. 

Since then, I've been hoarding every Zultanite I could get my hands on. As if by divine intervention, the goddess of spring and nature had blessed me with the gemstone that changes color under different lighting, just like the flowers and trees that bloom in spring. Now finally, I've managed to gather enough to create some new necklaces. I'm calling this collection "Flourish", and it's an extension of the original Persephone Collection. These necklaces embody the whimsical nature of the original collection and feature color-changing Zultanite and elements of flora and fauna to accentuate its beauty. I'm confident they'll leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Zultanite is a rare diaspore gemstone found only in Turkey. It's known to enhance mental clarity and promote focus, making it an excellent tool for anyone struggling with stress, forgetfulness, or distraction. The gemstone's pink hue also promotes self-love, compassion, and acceptance. It's perfect for those who need a gentle reminder to take care of themselves.

I hope that over time, as I find and create with more Zultanite, this collection will grow and *flourish* just like its namesake. 

Now that you know the power of Zultanite, which necklace from the Flourish Collection will you choose? Let me know in the comments below and take the first step in feeling refreshed and rejuvenated today!

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