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Journey into the magical world of Tiny Rituals

I used to be like you, dear reader, thinking that magic was just a way for people to find control in their lives or a leftover from a religious upbringing. But as I grew older, I realized that life is not always in our control. Sometimes, we need a little sprinkle of magic to help us get through the day.

It's all about finding magic in the mundane. From the way you wake up in the morning to the color of your clothes, every little thing can be a magical ritual. Even that Hawaiian shirt you love so much can be a mini vacation for your mind. Who knew? But the real magic happens when you add intention to these rituals. Like using a special candle to unwind and relax every night. The scent of the candle becomes a trigger for your brain to release tension and bring you to your happy place.

The studio is my happy place, a true capsule of magic. I am surrounded by the art of nature inside and outside these walls, filled with books on rocks, space, and gardening. A thousand tiny muses sit on the shelves, along with a sketch my late father drew as a teen, photos of my loved ones, plants, gems, and small trinkets galore. Whenever I step into this place, I feel inspired and guided. I know my passions, who I want to be, and who I am. So when I create something for myself to wear in the outside world, it serves as a reminder of all these feelings I experience in the studio. I can look down at my necklace and say to myself, "I am a creator of beauty, and I share it with those who need it most." And in that moment, I am transported back to my safe space.

And that's what inspired me to create the Tiny Rituals collection. It's not just jewelry, it's wearable intention. Each stone represents a day of the week and a planetary body, with its own themes and purposes. So when you wear a piece from the collection, you're not just wearing a pretty stone - you're reminding yourself of the magic and intention behind it.

For example, Friday is associated with Venus, the Roman Goddess of love. So to set the intention for the day, you can brew a cup of coffee with wild rose simple syrup, put on your favorite red lipstick, and buy yourself some flowers. And to amplify those vibes, wear a piece of Rose Quartz. Every time you wear it, you'll be reminded of the love all around you.

So there you have it, have your magic and wear it too!

What's your favorite Tiny Ritual stone? Do you have any magical tricks to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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