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Moon Tan - An expansion on the Bewitching Entomology Collection


Inspired by the world of bugs.

Like moths to a flame, we too are mesmerized by the brilliant flash and fire that is Opal. 

This winter I went into a weird creative hibernation that I've never really been in before. I didn't know which way I wanted to move in my work. But I knew that whichever way it was I wanted it to be with intention. So I meditated and dreamt up all these ways to turn my feelings into something tangible. 

They say that moths are a symbol of death, but I think they're a symbol of transformation and finding your true self. I've always found it fascinating that they can destroy yet also create something beautiful like silk. And although their wings aren't always as beautiful compared to those of butterflies, they still have a sparkle and glimmer that reminds me of Opal. I've been hoarding these opals for what seems like years, never knowing how or what to create with them. Always worried that whatever I created would never be as beautiful as the opals themselves. 

Finally, like a beetle, I worked up the courage to overcome that hurdle. And like the cicada, I emerged from my long creative hibernation. And in secret like a butterfly, whose transformation often goes unwitnessed I created this collection. Bewitching Entomology. 

Made of precious Australian White Opal. I love how each turned out and am so pleased with how the collection is as a whole, that I decided to revisit it for spring and expand on its motifs. 

Moon Tan is the glow of the full moon on your skin. It's the feeling you get soaking up the night as the air gets warmer and the earth below you begins to move again. The renewal of body and mind, spirit and soul. Like the Luna Moth, your life can be filled with change in all forms. Embrace whatever energetic shift life is currently throwing your way. Let the Moonstone bring you new beginnings, and enhance your intuition and inner growth. 

You can shop the Bewitching Entomology Collection here. The Moon Tan Expansion Collection drops Friday, April 14th at 8 pm est on my Instagram, @sulphurspringssilver. The collection will be added to the shop shortly after the drop. 

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