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Unlocking the Magic in my Work-in-Progress Bin: My Journey with Rare Black Jade Magnetite

As a jewelry designer, I spend most of my days in the studio creating bright and shiny new pieces, constantly in flux and always in motion. But every artist knows the feeling of those dark days when creativity seems to abandon us, leaving us with nothing but a work-in-progress bin filled with stones that once had a plan.
And yet, it was in that very bin that I found the inspiration to create something truly magical for myself. There, hidden away for too long, was a rare black jade magnetite stone that had been waiting for its moment to shine.
For too long, I had been creating pieces for others, constantly working to bring my ideas to life and share them with the world. But this time, I decided to make something just for me. It was a simple decision, but one that carried weight - I was going to create a necklace that spoke to my own power, my own protection, and my own confidence.
As I began to work, I kept the original design elements of the branch and the orientation of the stone, but I let my creativity take over and made small adjustments to create something that truly felt like mine. I replaced the original idea of adding fringe with delicate teardrops that complemented the stone and the overall flow of the design, creating a sense of balance and harmony that was both beautiful and meaningful.
When I wear this necklace, I feel like I can conquer the world. It reminds me of the importance of taking time for myself, finding the magic within my own studio, and never losing sight of my own creativity and power.
So the next time you find yourself in a creative slump, take a look at what's hiding away in your own "work-in-progress bin". You never know what magic might be waiting there to be unlocked.

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